Friday, March 25, 2011

The New 6934 ARC Air Filter Adapter for GX200, GX160, and Clone engines.

Here is the new air filter adapter I have been giving y'all sneak peeks of on ARC's facebook.  It is for the clone and GX200 type engines.

This thing is has been in development for a long time and has gone through so many different prototypes that I've lost count.
*Meets the rule specs for AKRA/WKA Box Stock and BP
*Out-flows anything else available on the market today by a substantial margin.
*Attaches to the carb using custom made, counter sunk socket nuts (don't lose them, they are expensive). This design allows us to hide the studs and nuts from the incoming air flow, reducing turbulence.

*100% CNC milled never sees a turning machine because the contours both inside and outside cannot be made on a turning machine.

*The flange for the air filter is a slightly smaller diameter allowing a "street elbow" to be easily attached for Road Racing.

They will be available on our website later today. We only have a limited number of socket nuts until Tuesday 3/29, but then we will be loaded to the hilt.

Special note:  The thick, rubber coated metal gasket that goes between the carb and the adapter is mandetory.  Most of the more recent Harbor Freight engines have a paper gasket instead.  You will need to buy one in this case and they can be found here