Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Facebook Cover Photo Contest

ARC has a Facebook Page and we want it to reflect how our customers use our products.

Most people know ARC for our Karting and Jr. Drag Racing products, but we also have people using our rods, cranks, flywheels and such in Racing Lawn Mowers, Sling Shots, Snowmobiles, Bar Stool Racers, Mud Boats, Garden Tractor Pullers, Off Road Garden Tractors, and -my personal favorite- Racing Beer Coolers (No, I'm not kidding).  We could not do what we do without the support of ALL these different  racers.

It is our plan to pick several winners from all the entries and produce a collage that covers as many of these sports as possible.  Each of the winners will get a $50 gift certificate from ARC!  The number of "Likes" a picture gets will weigh heavily in our decision.

We plan to run this contest until the end of April 2013.