Monday, July 20, 1998

By Design

By: Carl AmundsenDate: July 20, 1998
ARC Racing, by design, will not be the first to the market place (at least not very often) with new, earth shattering ideas or products. We're not slow by any means, we just want to bring you, our customers, a well thought out product that has been thoroughly engineered and tested. We won't take an idea, make the part, then sell it to you for our testing purposes.
When we test a part, a motor is built and then run under the most undesirable conditions. We literally try to break it and, if we fail to break it, we try again.When testing the different alloys for our connecting rods, we even conducted the "Dirt Road Red Neck Test". This is done by taking rods of different designs and alloys and putting them in a vise and using a pipe to see how far they would bend before breaking, and we did break a few.
For the most part, when you buy an ARC Racing product it will be stronger, lighter and cosmetically more appealing than our competition offers and you'll be proud to own it.
We have never - and will never advertise that "this part will give you one more horsepower", or "this part will shave another seven tenths" and so on. The parts you buy from us are true racing parts and in the proper combination (with a little common sense) will make you go fast and, with a little luck added, maybe faster than everybody else.