Thursday, July 2, 1998

Remove 400 lbs. from your crankshaft!

How - you ask ? With an ARC billet connecting rod.Compared to some connecting rods that are on the market today, the ARC rod produces 400 lbs. less centrifugal force (on the crank journal end) at 9000 rpm.That's a lot of unnecessary pressure on the rod, rod bolts, bearings and crankshaft.
Have you ever wondered why additional clearance is needed in the air gap between the coil and flywheel and piston to head clearance on a high rpm race engine ? Crankshaft flex !The less weight the crank rod journal "feels" the less flexing, fatigue, wear and breakage you'll encounter.
How can a part be lighter, smaller and stronger ?After numerous hours of research into the physical properties, force, inertia, elasticity and extensive dyno pulls of connecting rods, we found that attention to details such as shape, type of material, size and weight are extremely important to the structural integrity of a connecting rod.
Just one more plus of the ARC billet connecting rod is that when it's used with most Briggs & Stratton crankshafts, the engine is better balanced. This is very important for the Kart classes that don't allow modifications to the crankshaft :)