Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New ECONOMY Flathead Billet Flywheel from ARC

We have a new SFI certified non-adjustable billet flywheel for the flathead. This flywheel is stock diameter, weighs 4.05lbs, and has the keyway set at 30°.

The only difference between this flywheel and our Limited Mod adjustable flywheel is that this one does not have the steel adjustable timing hub.

Part #6620 introductory racer price $125.00

We made the flywheel that best fits ARC's capabilities. It's the best piece we could make with focus on affordability and maintaining our SFI certification. That's the best we can do for the racer. The design allows you to start your engine with either an electric starter OR the Briggs BS555165 manual pull starter.