Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PVL Ignition on a 305

Hey guys, just wanted to pass along that Randy is working on coil brackets that will allow the use of the PVL coil and one of our new billet flywheels for the PVL on a 305. One of the brackets will be for a stock crank setup and the other will be for a stroker setup.

We have not tested this on the 305 yet, however, we found significant gains on 330' Outlaw Jr Dragster engines and on Animal engines over what we were able to produce with our original billet flywheels and standard coils. In order to get the greatest improvement, we had to richen up the fuel/air mixture and reduce timing from the settings normally used with the standard setup. On the Drag engine, we ended up with a longer header pipe and actually needed to put on a bigger carb because the engine wanted more fuel than the smaller carb could deliver. This testing was done at Roy Whaley's shop on one of his highest horsepower engines. The HP increase was anywhere from 1/2 to 2 HP and the fall off on top end was not as steep as with the standard coil.